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Frequently Asked Question

FAQ's With C-B-I Cheney Brother's

What can I expect from the Kitchen Equipment Supply and Design Division?

We are a full service Division of Cheney Brothers and we will walk you through every phase of Planning and Executing your new Restaurant kitchen as well as Designing or redesigning your Existing kitchen. We can purchase equipment for, and stock your kitchen.


Can I order one replacement piece of kitchen equipment from Cheney Brothers?

Yes. Cheney can replace everything from a stainless steel table or rack to your walk in cooler/ refrigerator.


I am interested in opening a restaurant. Will Cheney Brothers help me Create a kitchen and dining room?

Yes. As part of our “One Call Does it all” design consulting division we can take you from Menu Design to Kitchen design to stocking ladles, whips and tongs. Once set up our Food Division can assist with everything else.


What is everything else?

Cheney has a team of over 30 specialists that can assist you in all your restaurant needs. We have our Paper and Disposables Division, a Beverage Division, Warewashing and chemical division, and many other Specialized Staff eager to assist you.


How can I get started?

Call our Design Hot Line At 1.877.CBI.Chef. A representative will have one of our Design Consultants set up an appointment.